BCQP Log Deadline


This is a general reminder to clubs in BC about the log submission deadline for BCQP 2017. The deadline is March 7, 2017.

If anyone in your club participated in BCQP 2017 and intended to but has not yet submitted a log, please encourage him/her to send it in before March 7.

Everyone who has already submitted a log will have received a confirmation email from me.

As double-confirmation, a list of logs received, based on callsign used, has been posted at http://orcadxcc.org/content/pdf/bcqp/2017_logs_received.pdf

If someone submitted a log and did not get an email from me and/or the callsign does not appear in the logs received list, it will be necessary to re-submit the log to bcqp@orcadxcc.org

Questions regarding log submission? Email me. 🙂

Rebecca VA7BEC
BCQP Contest Coordinator