Rum Log – No not the drink

I guess the name Rum Log was what caught my attention.  Was the creator of the software naming it after his favorite drink?  I then realized that was his call DL3RUM and he had named his MAC logging software after his call. Continue reading

Calling All Mac Computer Wizards Out There – Help!

Well if nothing else the title caught your attention.  I need some help/advice.  I have been running for months now WSJT 65 software on my Mac computer into my USB Signalink without issue.  Yesterday it was running OK and it suddenly stopped on the outgoing transmission.  Receive is fine.  I’ve checked the preference settings and there OK.  I’ve even reinstalled the software and that didn’t make a difference.  FLdigi still works, so I figure the issue is in the software.

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated. The comment suggestion is open.




Sunspot Count reaches 7 year low.

The sun has now been blank (no sunspots) for 14 consecutive days. To find a similar stretch of blank suns in the historical record, you have to go back to April of 2010–a time when the sun was emerging from a deep Solar Minimum. The current stretch of spotlessness heralds a new Solar Minimum expected to arrive in 2019-2020. Continue reading

CW Maritime Radio Event

Maritime Radio Day will take place in mid-April, with activity — all on CW — centering on International Naval Frequencies, 1,824; 3,520; 7,020; 10,118; 14,052; 21,052, and 28,052 kHz. Maritime Radio Day is held annually to commemorate nearly 100 years of CW maritime wireless service. Register online. Continue reading

VE7QCS and Whisper Mode

Fellow DX’ers, I thought you might be interested in this.

I’ve been running multiband WSPR for the last few days and notice that the best DX consistently opens between 2-4 am local time on 40m. Below are the spots for my station over 10,000km ranked by greatest distance. All but one of them are on 40m and in this time range. Continue reading