Radio Amateurs of Canada announces two new partnerships: Survivormate and The Personal

Radio Amateurs of Canada aims to strengthen Amateur Radio in Canada and support its members in many ways

All Canadian Radio Amateurs benefit from our work representing Amateurs to our regulator – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) – and at international conferences. RAC members are able to participate in our two national contests and can access a great deal of information on our website, Facebook page and Twitter communications. Our Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions of dedicated Amateurs who have built Amateur Radio in Canada and internationally.

RAC members know that they are part of an organization devoted to Amateur Radio in Canada and they receive many important services: a national magazine; bulletins on recent developments; the Outgoing QSL Bureau; insurance programs for affiliated clubs and RAC members who belong to those clubs; and advice on many Amateur Radio issues.

In addition to these benefits and services, RAC continues to negotiate other benefits for our members. In all cases these are designed to provide options for our members and those who find them useful will benefit from them.

RAC continually looks at opportunities for its members and reviews existing agreements. As a result of this process we are pleased to announce that RAC has entered into two new partnerships. The first new partnership is with Survivormate, a British Columbia company that manufactures and sells waterproof, mold-proof and insulated “Grab and Go” survival emergency kits and other emergency-related supplies. RAC members will now receive a 10% discount on many of the products it sells. For more information visit

The second new partnership is with The Personal, an insurance company offering group rates used by more than 700 public and private sector organizations across Canada. Many of these are professional or technical organizations with memberships similar to ours. As a result of our agreement, The Personal will provide personalized home and auto insurance coverage at exclusive group rates for our members and their families.

In the near future The Personal will provide additional information about the group savings and special discounts now available to RAC members. They promise fast, convenient service and no-hassle claims as they are one of Canada’s largest group insurers. If are interested in new insurance or want to see what options exist for insurance on your home, cottage or vehicle you can get a quote directly from them today by calling 1-888-476-8737 or online at

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
President and Chair
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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