Calling All Mac Computer Wizards Out There – Help!

Well if nothing else the title caught your attention.  I need some help/advice.  I have been running for months now WSJT 65 software on my Mac computer into my USB Signalink without issue.  Yesterday it was running OK and it suddenly stopped on the outgoing transmission.  Receive is fine.  I’ve checked the preference settings and there OK.  I’ve even reinstalled the software and that didn’t make a difference.  FLdigi still works, so I figure the issue is in the software.

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated. The comment suggestion is open.





2 thoughts on “Calling All Mac Computer Wizards Out There – Help!

  1. Sorry Gord just spitballing but have you tried turning everything off and wait a minute then turn everything on?


    • Thanks Paul. I’m up and running again. I did try your suggestion numerous times but that didn’t work. After thinking about the issue I thought that maybe I didn’t have enough output level to key the signalink and sure enough that solved the issue. The answer was starring at me but I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. LOL! I still have one issue relating to the problem that’s only annoying with a simple fix each time. One of the issues that started this whole frustration was with my logging program. For some reason if I go into preferences for whatever reasons it turns the output volume to off. Like I say annoying but a simple fix.


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