Rum Log – No not the drink

I guess the name Rum Log was what caught my attention.  Was the creator of the software naming it after his favorite drink?  I then realized that was his call DL3RUM and he had named his MAC logging software after his call.

For those of us who use the MAC system we know that finding Amateur Radio software just isn’t plentiful as what the Windows folks have to choose from.  I’ve been looking for a MAC logging program for sometime without much success.  I have tried the MACLoggerDX software and dealing with an issue in my Radio and not the software I wasn’t about to outlay roughly $100 for something that wasn’t going to do the trick plus be frustrating at the same time.

When I did a google search and RumLog NG came up I just had to have a look because of the name.  Wow!  This is what I have been looking for and it’s free.  Yes, I have the same issue with the Radio as Mac DX Logger but this one is so easy to work with.  It might not have all the same features as MAC Logger DX but it has all I need and simpler to use.

For me it does have uploading/downloading to LOTW, eQSL, and Clublog.  It has auto look up of name, qth etc once the callsign  has been listed.  Even has a DX Cluster.  Too see all the features click on the link at the end.

For Mac users who are wanting a good logging program take a look at RUMLog NG. If you need an on the go app he’s got you covered with RUMlog2go for the iPad and iPhone.