Rare Canadian Satellite Grid Expedition

VE, CANADA (Rare Canadian Satellite Grid Expedition). Ken, VE3HLS, has
announced that he plans to operate from four never-activated grids on
the satellites grids this weekend (May 20th and 21st).

He will be drivingĀ up from his home QTH in FN03 to Chibougamau, QC, on the afternoon of
Saturday, May 20th. There are several favorable passes on Saturday evening
and he hopes to spend a few hours handing out the FN29 grid as a warm
up. On Sunday the 21st, there is a bonanza of great satellite passes!
The trouble will be deciding when to break so he can move to a different
location. The plan at this time is to set up on the FN29/39 boundary
in the morning and operate there for a few hours. Then he will move to
FO20/30 and then FO20/FN29. More information about operating schedules
will be posted on amsat-bb as he gets closer to departure date. He will
also post information on his QRZ page at: https://qrz.com/db/VE3HLS