Move over JT65 for a new kid on the block

The digital mode FT8 has caught on, luring many using the popular JT65 weak signal mode.

The WSJT-X 1.8.0 beta software has the FT8 mode described as fast with an entire QSO taking about a minute, which is four times faster than JT65. Continue reading


Gee Whiz … somebody finally agrees with me.

When I was more involved in the club scene a few years ago and we were doing courses the question seemed to always come up “How do we get more younger people involved in this great hobby.” Continue reading

[RAC-Bulletin] Volunteers needed to Activate RAC call signs for RAC Canada 150 Award

Guidelines and Procedure for the RAC Canada 150 Award

Continue reading


Radio amateur G5RV honoured by villagers


Louis Varney G5RV, founder member in 1936 of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS), received a little-known honour in 1945

During World War II Louis was stationed at a radio monitoring station in the hamlet of Steart near Bridgwater in Somerset. The local newspaper records he received an honour from the residents of the hamlet: Continue reading


Receive pictures from space

The International Space Station is transmitting SSTV pictures to radio amateurs around the world on 145.800 MHz FM

The Slow Scan Television image transmissions are expected to continue until 1800 GMT Sunday, July 23 and can be received on simple equipment such as a handheld radio or scanner with an outside antenna. Continue reading


Why navy sees Morse Code as the future of communication

Engineering reports that for centuries, mariners around the globe have used lamps and shutters to beam messages via Morse code from ship to ship. But today, Morse code isn’t being learned by every sailor, even though lamp light communication is still being used Continue reading


Upcoming ARDF Events July-August 2017


I hope you are all enjoying such a beautiful weather lately. Here is the list of the upcoming ARDF fox-hunting events: Continue reading


Strong solar flare and CME

After days of suspenseful quiet, huge sunspot AR2665 finally erupted on July 14th (0209 UT), producing a powerful M2-class solar flare. Continue reading


[RAC-Bulletin] VY0RAC is on the air from VY0ERC for the RAC 150 award

Pierre Fogal, VE3KTB, is now putting VY0RAC on the air from VY0ERC for the RAC 150 award! Continue reading


Antenna project for those confined to attics

Certainly over the last decade or so more and more amateurs have made the move into housing where putting up outdoor antennas is not allowed.  Here’s an attic antenna project that might fit for some hams. Continue reading