Upcoming ARDF Events July-August 2017


I hope you are all enjoying such a beautiful weather lately. Here is the list of the upcoming ARDF fox-hunting events:

Jul-29 -> ARDF practice fox-hunt event, 80m.
At Mundy Park in Coquitlam.
Please go to http://www.ardf.ca site for more details.

Aug-3 -> Presentation by Michael Sterba, KG7HQ
Talking on the general subject “Radio Direction Finding” @NSARC
Please go to http://www.ardf.ca site for more details.

Aug-12 -> ARDF fox-hunt event, 80m – Day Trip to Victoria.
Venue to be selected – hosted by Victoria Friendship Amateur Radio Society.
More info will be available at http://www.ardf.ca. We plan to car pool, please RSVP if you can drive and how many people you can take, or you will be on foot and need a ride.

To those who recently has joined us we wish you the warmest welcome. Thank again for all your support. Should you have any questions/comments/suggestions feel free to reply back and/or contact Les (va7om.les@gmail.com).

Cheers, and many 73s.