Move over JT65 for a new kid on the block

The digital mode FT8 has caught on, luring many using the popular JT65 weak signal mode.

The WSJT-X 1.8.0 beta software has the FT8 mode described as fast with an entire QSO taking about a minute, which is four times faster than JT65.

Developed by Steven K9AN and Joe K1JT – the name FT8 stands for its creators Franke and Taylor and 8-Frequency Shift Keying modulation.

Using a 15-second transmit and receive sequences it provides 50 per cent or better decoding probability down to minus-20 dB.

An auto-sequencing option can also respond automatically to a CQ call decoded reply.

An excellent HF DXing mode and multi-hop sporadic-E propagation on 6 metres where deep fading may make fast and reliable QSO completion desirable. Some are comparing FT8 use to that of JT65, and believe more are on air trying the new one.

Jim Linton VK3PC


One thought on “Move over JT65 for a new kid on the block

  1. I have been playing with this on an off for a few weeks now. I think I like it but the jury is still out for me. I do like the fast 15 second pace of each transmission, but considering the software takes over and does everything for you still leaves me with that big question mark in the sky for me. Personally I didn’t like JT65 when I got started a few years ago and actually gave up but, VE7GTC sorted out a couple of things for me and I fell in love with it and have made tons of contacts over the last few years on it. Maybe the same will happen here, once the band conditions improve and I can really see the contacts coming thick and fast. I’ll give it some time. Not throwing in the towel yet. Hi Hi!


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