ARDF fox-hunting events coming up and various

Hi ARDF fox-hunters!

I hope you are all doing great. Here is the list of the upcoming ARDF fox-hunting events:

Oct-7 -> ARDF practice fox-hunt event, 80m.
At Gardner Park in Abbotsford, BC.
Please go to site for more details.
Registration for the event is needed.

One more thing.. We had a great ARDF event in Victoria BC area, 80m sprint event with 12 transmitter hidden out, last August. Many thanks to our friends from Friendship Amateur Radio Society of Victoria for making this great event possible.

And last but not least… With the season for the outdoor ARDF fux-hunting slowly coming to the end we are looking to start visiting clubs and doing presentations in ARDF. We will welcome anyone who is interested in giving a presentation, and could be a topic of your choice in ARDF, starting from “how I started and what I have learned using ARDF” to topics like “how to build something ARDF related”. We will assist you in preparation and presentation of your topic. Please let us know if you are interested. Lower mainland clubs are all interested in hearing what we are up to.

To those who recently has joined us we wish you the warmest welcome. Thank again for all your support. Should you have any questions/comments/suggestions feel free to reply back and/or contact Les (

Cheers, and many 73s.