Turn the bands green for St Patrick’s Day


In Ireland we traditionally celebrate St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March.

But with radio we go world wide by getting on air following the time zones as people celebrate across the globe from 12 noon on 16th March till 12 noon on the 18th March. Continue reading


PackTenna Mini 1:1 Balun – Arctic Field Test — ve3ips

I have just gotten the new PackTenna 1:1 balun shipped from San Jose and wanted to test it out in cold weather conditions. Please see the link below for operation in frigid arctic weather. The balun performed very well as expected due to the low loss design and effective choice of an appropriate balun ferrite […]

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WSPR beacon on the way to the Antarctic


The DARC report the hardware for the planned WSPR amateur radio beacons are now on their way to the Neumayer III base in Antarct

This is a joint project of the Technical University of Munich, University of Bremen and the DARC e.V.

The installation consists of a beacon transmitter for the 160m to 6m bands with a power output of 5 watts and a WSPR multi-band receiver based on a Red Pitaya, which simultaneously monitors all bands from 160m to 15m and can deliver up to 700 WSPR receive reports to the web every hour.

The commissioning of the system at the German research station “Neumayer III” is planned for January 2018.

Source http://darc.de/

Is this where amateur Radio is going?

For many years now besides myself lots of other amateurs have been asking where is the hobby going and how do we attract younger people into the fold. For me, and I’m and old timer in the hobby, the thrill of the hobby has always been “how and where am I getting out to.” For others it’s been getting to know people in different places on voice or cw, and still others have their various reasons why the hobby attracts them. Continue reading

40 Meter Vertical Array ~ 40 Meter 1/2 wave Dipole – Top Band Chordal Hopper

The N6BT DXU-32 … I have had two occasions where I was able to test my fantastic 40M phased vertical array against other antennas. I say fantastic only because when you compare the height requirements and maintenance requirements, the phased array has tremendous bang for the buck. The DXE DV-40-P … First I compared it […]

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Burnaby Amateur Radio Annual Swap Meet

At our weekly get together on Thursday Lou, VE7CGE informed us that their annual swap meet is drawing close. He said he’s been getting calls with amateurs wanting to book tables. My suggestion is if your thinking of booking a table for this event you should contact Lou sooner rather then later. All the info is below: Continue reading

PackTenna Balun with a Linked Dipole


I have various PackTenna baluns that I use for portable, mobile and field operations.

Each has its own purpose

1:1 Balun to reduce rf currents on the outside coax layer

9:1 UNUN to allow the use of a single wire for multiband use (tuner required)

RF Choke for inline use at the radio end

Remember,  Nick and George created a system of components that allows different configurations using various building blocks that can be used within the system or outside the system with other brand components.

Here is an example of using the Packtenna 1:1 Balun with a linked dipole. I have been building my antennas using their 2mm banana jacks and liberal use of the Niteze carabiners so that I can mix and match the building blocks.


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