Cheap and Easy Yagis anyone Can build


There are lots of yagi design son the Internet for your pleasure.

We had a dozen hams make some antennas and within a few hours we had antennas in the air.

No one drilled into their hand, cut their fingers or blew the finals on their Baefeng radio and all enjoyed working with hand tools.

An excellent Club Project


The PVC Delta Loop is a great antenna and has been modified to fit onto the Buddipole Mast

You could argue these are for Direction Finding but actually they make great portable, field ops and camping antennas.

With campers up in Algonquin Park looking to QSO into the MUS repeater on 2m, the yagi does help and just remember to keep it in a vertical polarization. Your 5 watt hand held is now a 50 watt radio due to its 10 db gain

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