Campaign for the Respect of the QRP Frequencies


The Toronto QRP Society supports this initiative.

Please note that we have over 70 years of history for FT-243 crystals for 7040 so many will continue to be rock bound on this calling frequency but are transitioning to the new channels to work our friends across the pond.

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Your chance of a contact with Baker Island without fighting the pile-up!

The upcoming Baker Island DXpedition is sure to be a sought after contact, especially if propagation doesn’t play fair.

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Upcoming ARDF Events

Happy longest day of the year and start of the Summer!
Important dates coming up for the ARDF (please check website for more details
Jun-23 -> ARDF 80m demo at  SARC Field Day 
Jul-7 -> Practice ARDF foxhunt 80m
Aug -> Visit and ARDF fox-hunt in Victoria (TBD)
   Our annual traditional event with friends from Victoria. Last years event was sprint ARDF with 12 transmitters hidden and on 12sec transmitting cycle, hence as sprint name.
Sept -> Abbotsford ARDF fox-hunt (TBD)
   We would like to have another event in this area to popularize the sport.
Should you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, etc, please contact us.
Many 73s

Field Day CW and SSB Exchange


Field Day exchanges are not difficult if you follow the cheat sheet


  • VE3YRA“CQ Field Day, Victor Echo 3 Yankee Radio Alpha, Field Day”
  • W1AW“Whiskey One Alpha Whiskey”
  • VE3YRA“W1AW, Copy my Thirteen Alpha, Golf Tango Alpha”
  • W1AW“QSL. Copy my Five Alpha, Connecticut”
  • VE3YRA“QSL, Thanks. This is VE3YRA. Field Day.”


  • W1AW“W1AW”
  • W1AW“QSL 5A 5A CT CT”

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BCQP 2018 Results — please tell club members


Everyone who submitted a log electronically in BCQP 2018 will be receiving a similar email with links to results information. But I want to let clubs know, too, so that individuals who didn’t send in a log have access to this year’s results for future reference.
Please feel free to forward this email to members of the club and/or mention at your next meeting.
The BCQP homepage is and all info can be accessed from there. Or use the links below for specific content.
2018 Report
BCQP is the only regular on-air event that puts BC in the spotlight. I can’t say this strongly or often enough. And the support and encouragement offered through local clubs is so important. Thank you for keeping the BCQP profile high. But let’s build on the momentum and build the profile even higher for 2019.
Rebecca VA7BEC
BCQP Contest Coordinator

Another Antenna for the Field Operations – The Windom or the Off Center Fed Dipole


This is another antenna variation of the dipole probably created by Mr. Windom back in the 1930s (someone please fact check this).

It needs a 4:1 or 6:1 balun. I used a Palomar version that seems to work as it should.

I had a line winder 3D printed and some #26 silky wire and 30 mins on the workbench and bingo an antenna is born.

I tried it out in the field using a tree to hoist it up as an inverted V configuration (duct tape at the 65 foot mark allowed me tie the paracord to it but a zip tie could work as well) as well as a dipole set up.

I don’t think i noticed any difference in performance either configuration.

I may add a ring loop at the center point allowing either configuration and letting the surroundings denote the set up.

From a stability point of…

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Online petition about radio interference and Jamming IS ham radio – Get used to it and move on


Extreme measures are needed when “bad Hams behave badly” and the Quebec hams are moving forward to resolve a jamming problem in their area.

We have this problem in the GTA area where many repeaters shut down due to nefarious activity, harassment and jamming efforts by a gang of radio hoodlums. This has spilled over onto the world of anonymous blogging and hate mail campaigns.

I don’t really care anymore about all of this as there are many other repeaters to use…

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Could a new Entry Level Licence boost VHF/UHF activity?

Found this interesting article on Southgate ARC.  Although the story is relating mainly to the UK and parts of Europe I wonder if this could happen here?  Is it happening here already?  The other big question if it’s happening here does anybody  care?  The article points out how repeaters are under used.  Well we have seen that happen here also.  I’ve left the comment section open what do you think?
Activity on the 144 MHz and higher bands is at its lowest for decades at a time when commercial interests are prepared to pay £1 million per MHz annually for spectrum Continue reading