Canadian Hams Operating In Europe


As I plan a trip to Europe, I naturally plan to operate in European countries. The good news is that we have reciprocal licensing arrangements

CEPT License
Member Nations of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) all share the same amateur radio reciprocal licensing requirements. Canadian Amateurs are permitted to operate from most European countries without the requirement of obtaining additional licensees or permits.

The following countries outside of Europe also participate in CEPT:

Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
South Africa
The United States
US and Canadian citizens visiting a CEPT Country
The United States and Canada currently accept CEPT licenses within areas controlled by the US Federal Communications Commission or Industry Canada respectively.

CEPT member countries accept the Canadian Advanced Class License ONLY

Canadian licensed stations are required to provide upon request:

A Canadian passport, Copy of the licensee’s CEPT permit; and A valid…

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