ILLW reaches 200 mark

It has been a very interesting week in our journey towards this year’s International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW) event, which is now only two and a half months away.

The 200th entry was received from a YL in Wales who is going to activate the East Usk lighthouse which was built in 1893 on the East side of the river USK.
Margaret’s callsign will be GB4EUL.

Also of interest are entries from:-

  • Punta Maya Lighthouse, CU0005, in Cuba, T45FM,
  • Faro de Progresso de Castro lighthouse in Mexico using the call 6E3A. This is a new lighthouse for the event with our number MX0010,
  • Santiao Chiao lighthouse in Taiwan, callsign BV1EJ, ILLW TW0003,
  • Also new to our event is a rare lighthouse from Maine, USA with the cute title “Ladies Delight”. It is new to the event and has yet to be listed as a callsign is not yet known. It’s new ILLW number is US0227.

We are on schedule for another great weekend but it would be helpful if you could get your entry in asap rather than leave it to the final couple of weeks.

Happy lighthousing,

Kevin Mulcahy vk2ce