The great FT8 debate


In his blog Dominic Smith M0BLF gives his take on the great FT8 debate

Since its introduction a year ago FT8 has transformed amateur radio, enabling amateurs living in high-noise environments to make contacts that would have been impossible using traditional modes.

Dominic notes “The other fantastic thing about FT8 is that it brings, for the first time, objective signal reports to the hobby. We all know that ’59’ is a nonsense, but in the more ‘manual’ modes, we don’t have anything better. Using actual, genuine, signal-to-noise measurements for signal reports allows more meaningful comparisons of equipment, antenna performance and propagation research.”

Read the M0BLF blog post at

(As seen on Southgate ARC)

1 thought on “The great FT8 debate

  1. It is kinda funny the debate this mode brings to the table. Most articles I have read or posted on the site all say the same thing “great mode but….”. It seems nobody wants to admit they enjoy this mode for what is. Everybody uses it because of: current propagation issues, noise issues etc.
    I’m waiting for one of these articles to say I enjoy this mode, end of story. I don’t mind admitting I like this mode, but I also enjoy JT65 and PSK at the same time.

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