Another Antenna for the Field Operations – The Windom or the Off Center Fed Dipole


This is another antenna variation of the dipole probably created by Mr. Windom back in the 1930s (someone please fact check this).

It needs a 4:1 or 6:1 balun. I used a Palomar version that seems to work as it should.

I had a line winder 3D printed and some #26 silky wire and 30 mins on the workbench and bingo an antenna is born.

I tried it out in the field using a tree to hoist it up as an inverted V configuration (duct tape at the 65 foot mark allowed me tie the paracord to it but a zip tie could work as well) as well as a dipole set up.

I don’t think i noticed any difference in performance either configuration.

I may add a ring loop at the center point allowing either configuration and letting the surroundings denote the set up.

From a stability point of…

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