KH1/KH7Z Baker Island DXpedition news

* Topband advice by George, AA7JV
Hello TopBanders –The KH1/KH7Z will be active on 160m from Baker Island from June 27 to July 6 (note that dates are tentative and may change — please visit for updates).

Given the time of the year, KH1 is likely to be challenging for most. In addition to the less then perfect time of the year, we are limited to a maximum antenna height of 43 feet. But we do have a new antenna for 160 meters; we will stand it in the salt-water to maximize its performance.

We will also have a couple of DHDL receiving antennas with high performance pre-amplifiers. In other words, we will do our absolute best to over- come the handicaps that we were dealt.

Our TX frequency will be 1822.5 to begin with, and we will be listening up. NA stations should call above 1825.0 to avoid the stronger JA callers who are limited to below 1825.0.
Our sunset will be at 07:45 UTC. We will be on the band at sunset to fully take advantage of the 1 1/2 hours of common darkness with the NA East Coast. During that time the sun will be still up in Japan, so we will be able to focus on NA and SA. West Coast stations will have more than 4 hours of common darkness with us, so they should have a decent chance of putting KH1 in the log. After the West Coast sunrise, from about 12:45 UTC onward, JA, UA0 and SE Asia, as well as ZL/VK, will have an exclusive shot at us. During this time we may move down to give the JA-s more room. EU will be,,, well …difficult. We will stay on the air throughout each sunrise, working as far west as possible…. GL and CU, George, AA7JV

* Don, N1DG, posted a photo on the KH1/KH7Z – Baker Island DXpedition
2018 FaceBook page on June 12th, stating: Our advance team has arrived
in Fiji and today visited the Nai’a support warehouse in anticipation
of loading the vessel in 3 days. Here is Tomi, HA7RY, George, AA7JV
and Mike, KN4EEI with the Nai’a warehouse crew. Click here

* This album chronicles the Dateline DX Association’s (KH1/KH7Z)
adventure to, and activation of Baker Island: Click here

* June 15th, Update — All DXpedition gear has been loaded into the
NAI’A has been loaded in preparation of her journey from Lautoka,
Fiji, to Pago Pago, American Samoa, where the team will embark to
begin their voyage to Baker Island. See 25 pictures Click here

* June 16th, Press Release — The first of our team arrived in Fiji this
week to load the Nai’a. The Nai’a is now underway from Fiji to Pago
Pago for its pre-departure inspection by US authorities. This is the
last hurdle before departing with the team on 20 June for Baker.
We have activated our daily blog and in-reach GPS so you can follow
us. You can see both new features at
When we arrive on the 26th at Baker we will immediately begin setup
and expect to be QRV by our afternoon on the 27th (00:00 UTC 28 June).
We will have 8 radios on all open bands 24/7 for the next 10 days.
Our band plan is here: .
But any plan is only good until you meet the enemy in the field of
battle. We plan on listening to our pilots. Please tell them if we
are missing an opening or opportunity. We can and will adjust to the

We still could still use your donation at this time.
Thank you in advance for your support.
The Baker Island 2018 Team

See photos of Nai’a departing from Fiji:



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