SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT NVIS – NVIS isn’t an antenna by KQ6XA 


I presented some radio content at some ham clubs regarding SOTA and NVIS activities. What became apparent that there is confusion because NVIS requires a different antenna configuration (basic dipole 10 feet off the ground) that makes it all confusing? It is not. Read onward please

Bonnie has done a lot of research in NVIS use out in the field.


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The pronunciation of the NVIS initialism as “Enn-Viss” is probably the most common, or else spelled out: “Enn-Vee-Aye-Ess” (N.V.I..S)
I’ve also heard ops say: “Knee -Vuss” and “Nev-Iss”.
Give it some time, someone will call it Knee Vice 🙂


NVIS: Frequency choice is way way more important than antenna height.

Often, just moving 250 kHz can make a huge difference in NVIS signal.
Commercial and Governmental stations that intentionally utilize NVIS

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New Beta Version WSJT-X 2.0 Boasts Major Changes


As promised, the WSJT-X Development Group has announced a new “candidate release,” WSJT-X 2.0 rc1. This beta version of the popular digital mode suite incorporates many new FT8 and MSK144 features that will be of particular interest to the Amateur Radio contesting community. It incorporates all FT8 DXpedition Mode changes already developed in WSJT-X 1.9.1. Continue reading

The Icom 7300 review after 180 Days – Thoughts and Comments


A View of my findings on the Icom 7300 HF SDR Radio

  • This is the first Japanese full direct digital sampling SDR based HF radio
  • Radio draws 21 amps at 100 watts output
  • Comes with the standard HM-219 hand mic which provides good audio
  • Direct Digital sampling us used on receive and transmit
  • RF input is through a diode switched bandpass filter – 15 of them
  • The IF is 36 Khz
  • 7300 uses the same DSP chip as the Icom 7100
  • High Stability TXCO is built in 0.5 ppm stability
  • Inside layout is clean
  • Integral heatsink with a quiet fan
  • Multicolor touchscreen display is the big selling point – but I still want knobs for power output and band change. The MULTI offers power out and mic gain.
  • QWERTY keyboard on the display makes memory name super easy
  • I miss the front panel CW key jack
  • Love the 8 pin…

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Icom 7610 Quick Thoughts and Mini Review


Just some quick thoughts

It has more dynamic range than the 7300 and the 756 Pro Series

The two receivers being independent using DigiCell technology is just wonderful

The bigger real estate is great to use in Contests

It is a step up from the 7300 and the Pro series radios

Some trickle down technology form the higher radios 7800, 7851

CW relay chatter is non-existent

CW Audio peak feature is nice (not on the 7300)

A serious operators and those who need reading glasses

Appliance operators will be happy with the 7300 and can save money or go buy a Icom 7100 and a 5100 and a 51A with the difference

Not for the Go Box unless its in a Motor Home

Remember the 11m mod will void your warranty and the RF filters may be tight not allowing much power on 11m but Hey I am not going…

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Technical consultation: Adding new usages to the General User Radio Licence – Short Range Devices in frequencies below 30 MHz

(This could be an interesting one to follow.  Way back when modern devices couldn’t throw out interference but moving ahead to today it seems in many cases the modern device is winning out over interference in RF spectrum.  Wireless charging is becoming big so it will be interesting on how this plays out.) Continue reading