Alcock & Brown Centenary

Members and friends of The Galway Radio Experimenters Club (GREC) will for the month of June be operating as EI100ABC to commemorate the 1st transatlantic non-stop crossing by the famous aviators Alcock & Brown who in June 1919 made the trip from Newfoundland, Canada to Clifden, Ireland in a Vickers Vimy plane.

A five day festival will also be held in Clifden beginning June 12th 2019 showcasing the historic event, see

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Easy Propagation Understanding in 3 Steps


Thanks to Bonnie for clearly explaining what all this solar index stuff means

40m has been opening up in the evening and even cases of 20m opening up in the evening. 20m has become a daytime DX band lately and when conditions are right 40m is showing VK and European stations. The following explains why

How To Read HF Propagation Numbers

The A index = LOW is GOOD.
1 to 6 is BEST
7 to 9 is OK
11 or more is BAD

SFI index: HIGH is GOOD.
100+ BEST

K index: LOW is GOOD.
0 or 1 is BEST
2 is OK
3 or more is BAD

A low “A index” is most important!
For Low Power Portable DX openings at 10MHz to 30MHz, look for an A index LESS THAN 6.

73—Bonnie KQ6XA

Right NOW the…

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New Westminster Hyack Parade – Saturday May 25

(From the desk of Ken Clarke VE7BC)


The New Westminster Hyack International Parade is on Saturday, May 25.

Operators assigned to the assembly area and parade officials will start communications at 08:00 and those assigned to points along the parade route will start a little later. The event starts at 10:30 with the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team and the parade follows. We are usually all done by around 13:00. Continue reading

Radio hams transfer Crypto Currency on 40m band

CryptoVibes reports amateur radio was used to send Bitcoin from Toronto to Michigan on 7.077 MHz using the digital mode JS8Call

The transfer was made on February 12 between radio amateurs @nvk in Toronto and Sam Patterson @SamuelPatt in Michigan (MI).

This is believed to be the first transfer of a Bitcoin across national borders using amateur radio.

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(As seen from Southgate ARC)