Burnaby Amateur Radio Annual Swap Meet

At our weekly get together on Thursday Lou, VE7CGE informed us that their annual swap meet is drawing close. He said he’s been getting calls with amateurs wanting to book tables. My suggestion is if your thinking of booking a table for this event you should contact Lou sooner rather then later. All the info is below: Continue reading


Burnaby Swap Meet Sunday March 5

(Lou has sent me some info regarding the swap meet this year.  You can also check their webpage for info )

Dear friends.
It is Swap Meet again on Sunday March 05 2017. We are attaching some promotional material that you can share with your friends and club members.
We have already received some requests for tables. It is our intention to sell out all the tables by mid February like we did last year. All tables need to be prepaid by that time and we have set up a Pay Pal service on our website http://www.ve7bar.org. We pay the service charge for Pay Pal. Continue reading

Winter Field Day is Just Ahead

Field Day is not just for summertime anymore. Winter Field Day, sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association (WFDA), will take place over the January 28-29 weekend, and it can be a terrific time to prep for ARRL Field Day in June. The annual event’s stated purpose is to encourage emergency operating preparedness in the winter, but it’s also an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. According to the WFDA, getting ready for emergency communication in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that take place each June during ARRL Field Day, and — let’s face it — it’s not cold and snowy everywhere during the winter months. Your local climate could be quite the opposite. Continue reading

Good Coffee Gathering Today


It was good to see many of our members this morning for our monthly coffee get together.  We seem to add one more to count every time out.  Besides solving all the worlds problems, Don (GL) gave a demo on his ICOM Android software and Chris (QCS) explained the whisper mode.  We talked a bit about repeater day coming upon us soon in May.

Our next coffee gathering will be Tuesday May 10.  Look forward to seeing everyone then.



Burnaby Swap Meet is getting close

Mark your calendars, Sunday March 6, Burnaby Amateur Radio’s annual swap meet is getting very close. Lou (VE7CGE) has sent out a package to all vendors with instructions for the day of the event. If you haven’t received your package yet contact Lou ASAP.

As of Thursday they had two tables left. If you are thinking of getting a table you had better act fast.

Lou says this is going to be another exceptional year.

You can find the details on our upcoming events page with a link back to the Burnaby site.

Back On The Bandwagon About Youth & Amateur Radio

Most of you who know me know I have been asking for many years now “How Do We Get The Younger People Involved In This Hobby”.  Usually when I bring it up I get the shrug of the shoulders and that’s about it. Continue reading

Our First Christmas Get Together

A pleasant Christmas get together was held earlier today at Timmie’s.  A lot of pleasant conversation and we got caught up on how various people are doing.  Although not planned the topic did get around to emergency preparedness.  With our success in Shake Out BC last month we have started an EP module to Coastal Ham Radio.  Members will receive the details shortly how to get involved in our virtual EOC.  We will have another coffee get together sometime in the New year.

(Will figure out something better then selfies next time)