FT-8, the new HF/6m digital mode, introduction for beginners

Here is a new digital mode that comes to you from the makers of JT-9 and JT-65.. Called FT-8 (Franke-Taylor design, 8FSK modulation)

A weak signal mode that is not as sensitive to JT-65/9 but definitely something that will work when voice and CW will not. This is an introduction to someone who has never heard of it, or never has used JT-65 before. It may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it. Continue reading


My Digital Weekend


January hasn’t been to kind to me.  I have been plagued with this stomach flu going around and I just can’t seem to get over it.  Radio has just taken a back seat.  From the propagation reports either off the Internet or talking to other local hams they said conditions were bad and I wasn’t missing much. Continue reading

SIM31 For The Digital Folks Out There

I discovered a relatively new mode last week.  It’s called SIM 31.  It’s an extension of PSK but I kinda look at as a cross between PSK and JT65.  With Sim31 and its preselected macros you can set it to auto pilot and let it do its thing.  It will answer a CQ call do two rounds and sign off.   There’s also a manual key where you can start typing just like in PSK. You also don’t need to worry about language barriers as you select which language you wish to use and translations are done for you.  The software is free and the setup is rather painless. Continue reading

Hello, is anybody out there

Poking around today I came across an interesting post regarding PSK Reporter.  I’ve had a lot of people when I mention PSK reporter stare at me like I’m starting a newspaper or something.  After explaining it I’m still not sure whether they actually believe it can be done.

A better explanation then I can give can be found at:  http://www.m0pzt.com/blog/anybody-out-there/

At our coffee gathering yesterday we were discussing the grey line.  Check out the link he has on “working the grey line.”



D-STAR satellite to launch from Kourou

The ESA Education Office Fly Your Satellite! (FYS) programme is designed to train the next generation of aerospace professionals.

Three chosen student teams have each developed 1U CubeSats carrying amateur radio payloads which are expected to launch on April 22, 2016 into a 453 by 644 km 98.2 degree inclination orbit

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My JT 65 10 Meter Report For April 2

Turned on the radio to my usual 20 meter spot and the waterfall was crammed from one side to the other.  Didn’t stay there long as I find it a little frustrating when everybody is on top of one another.  Moved to 15 meters and their was a fair amount of activity and made a few contacts.

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Want to get started in the digital modes?

If your wanting to get started in digital modes and don’t have a clue to where to start N4CCP Cliff Batson will explain cables, Signalink and RIGblaster and how to connect them between the radio and the computer.  This video is really for the person who has never tried digital in the past and is interested in getting started.  Cliff does explain this in a very easy to understand video. Continue reading