IARU President: Traditional Aspects of Ham Radio May Not Be Attractive to Newcomers

For many years myself along with others have been wondering aloud about amateur Radio and where we are heading getting younger people not only licensed into the hobby but making them involved and participating at the same time.  Take a read on what the IARU president has to say about this subject.  The comments are open if you wish to voice your thoughts. Continue reading


May Surrey ARC ‘Communicator’ Newsletter

Here is the link to the May 2017 Surrey ARC ‘Communicator’ newsletter. As always, it’s in .PDF format and contains many ‘hot links’ to additional information on the Internet if you read it on your screen.

If you choose to print it, set your PDF reader print dialog box to ‘Fit page to margins’ so that it fits a letter size sheet, or you may lose the margins.

Click on this link: SARC-1705 to read or download the newsletter or copy this link in your browser: http://goo.gl/5EMTXU .

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John Schouten VE7TI

SARC Communicator Editor