First Ducie Island DXpedition in a Decade Set for Late 2018

The Perseverance DX Group (PDXG) has announced plans to activate Ducie Island — a marine protected area — in October and November of 2018. The last Ducie Island DXpedition was VP6DX in 2008. Ducie is currently the 29th most-wanted DXCC entity according to ClubLog. The 2018 DXpedition would operate as VP6D. Continue reading


New callsign for the Polar Prince

With the successful completion of the Canada C3 Expedition culminated upon the Polar Prince’s arrival in Victoria, British Columbia it has been necessary to retire the CG3EXP special event call sign.

An opportunity arose to have the Polar Prince carry the Ultimate 3 WSPR beacon as the ship returns to the East Coast via the Panama Canal.
For this unique Amateur Radio opportunity, the Polar Prince is now transmitting with the call sign VE0EXP.

Michael, VE7XMC, a graduate student from the University of Victoria where they are currently assembling an Ultimate 3, undertook and made the necessary call sign change.

We invite all Amateurs to continue tracking the Polar Prince as it completes the circumnavigation of North America.

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director
Radio Amateurs of Canada

IARU President: Traditional Aspects of Ham Radio May Not Be Attractive to Newcomers

For many years myself along with others have been wondering aloud about amateur Radio and where we are heading getting younger people not only licensed into the hobby but making them involved and participating at the same time.  Take a read on what the IARU president has to say about this subject.  The comments are open if you wish to voice your thoughts. Continue reading