Young People And Amateur Radio

As many of you know CHR has had many posts about young people and are they still interested in Amateur Radio. While looking for posts to put on the website I came across this interesting piece. Albeit the story dates back some seven years this post is about a girl and amateur Radio. Although her interest is in satellite communication this article is almost a primer for any new ham and what you need to get up and running. Continue reading


Antenna project for those confined to attics

Certainly over the last decade or so more and more amateurs have made the move into housing where putting up outdoor antennas is not allowed.  Here’s an attic antenna project that might fit for some hams. Continue reading

The Fence Fan Dipole

Came across this somewhat stealth multiband dipole antenna project.  Brought me back to when I was first licensed in the early ’80’s living in a condo residence I built one a bit more crudely designed then this one, but it did get me on the air with no complaints from my fellow neighbors at the time.  Had a lot of fun with it. Continue reading

My New Vertical Antenna 

Well maybe New is not the word, but redesign might be a better way of describing my Butternut Vertical antenna. Can’t wait to see if it gives me better performance. Hi Hi!  Just happened to glance out the window last night as I was going to bed and Mother Nature decided she was going to redesign everything about the antenna.  Sure don’t remember having a bend in it after the coil.  Oh, well repairs in the spring.

Gord -VE7FKY 

Deploy Anywhere Vertical

Came across this interesting video by Cliff (N4CCB) on a vertical antenna that can be used anywhere.  Although Cliff’s main intention in this video is for portable use in parks, SOTA etc. it got me to thinking about antenna challenged folks.  Although 40m might be too long in length For some, most should get 10 to maybe 30m.   Continue reading

K7AGE and the BITX-40 transceiver

I’m in the process of putting together the older version to what Randy is showing in this video.  Guess I should have waited since the display would have been a welcomed addon for me.  Randy received his in 17 days I believe he said and I received mine spot on the 21 days they said it would take. Continue reading