WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 6 (G2)

Fellow CHR member VE7KWK files the following:

Space Weather Message Code: WARK06
Serial Number: 400
Issue Time: 2017 Sep 14 1553 UTC Continue reading


Sunspot Count reaches 7 year low.

The sun has now been blank (no sunspots) for 14 consecutive days. To find a similar stretch of blank suns in the historical record, you have to go back to April of 2010–a time when the sun was emerging from a deep Solar Minimum. The current stretch of spotlessness heralds a new Solar Minimum expected to arrive in 2019-2020. Continue reading

My New Vertical Antenna 

Well maybe New is not the word, but redesign might be a better way of describing my Butternut Vertical antenna. Can’t wait to see if it gives me better performance. Hi Hi!  Just happened to glance out the window last night as I was going to bed and Mother Nature decided she was going to redesign everything about the antenna.  Sure don’t remember having a bend in it after the coil.  Oh, well repairs in the spring.

Gord -VE7FKY 

My Digital Weekend


January hasn’t been to kind to me.  I have been plagued with this stomach flu going around and I just can’t seem to get over it.  Radio has just taken a back seat.  From the propagation reports either off the Internet or talking to other local hams they said conditions were bad and I wasn’t missing much. Continue reading

“RF Seismograph” Improved to Better Reflect Band Activity

The Scanning RF Seismograph, a real-time HF propagation-monitoring tool developed by the MDSR Team and Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW, now can show both combined band noise and activity and just band activity. The RF Seismograph, which covers 80, 40, 30, 20, 15, and 10 meters, is a project of the North Shore Amateur Radio Club (NSARC). Continue reading