Easy Propagation Understanding in 3 Steps


Thanks to Bonnie for clearly explaining what all this solar index stuff means

40m has been opening up in the evening and even cases of 20m opening up in the evening. 20m has become a daytime DX band lately and when conditions are right 40m is showing VK and European stations. The following explains why

How To Read HF Propagation Numbers

The A index = LOW is GOOD.
1 to 6 is BEST
7 to 9 is OK
11 or more is BAD

SFI index: HIGH is GOOD.
100+ BEST

K index: LOW is GOOD.
0 or 1 is BEST
2 is OK
3 or more is BAD

A low “A index” is most important!
For Low Power Portable DX openings at 10MHz to 30MHz, look for an A index LESS THAN 6.

73—Bonnie KQ6XA

Right NOW the…

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Radio Caroline-fond memories as a teenager

This is not strictly amateur radio but being TBT I’m remembering from a bygone era.

For those of us who grew up in the sixties and listened and followed radio, I was always interested in pirate station Radio Caroline and what was next.  This was of interest because here was a radio station breaking all the rules and nothing could be about them since they were broadcasting in international waters. Well Radio Caroline does live on to this day, although now they break no rules. This story from the BBC for me brings back a lot of fond memories of a bygone era.  I did grow up here in Canada and not England but as a teenager I followed Radio Caroline With great interest.  BTW the name Caroline is named after JFK’s daughter.


Radio hams transfer Crypto Currency on 40m band

CryptoVibes reports amateur radio was used to send Bitcoin from Toronto to Michigan on 7.077 MHz using the digital mode JS8Call

The transfer was made on February 12 between radio amateurs @nvk in Toronto and Sam Patterson @SamuelPatt in Michigan (MI).

This is believed to be the first transfer of a Bitcoin across national borders using amateur radio.

Read the full story at

(As seen from Southgate ARC)

Canadian National Parks on the Air Activation – ON06 Rouge Natural Urban Park – Firtst CNPOTA Contact and Activation


As many know the CNPOTA is a new program to have hams visit and activate the Nation parks and Historic Sites as per the web site https://cnpota.ca/

It is also a chance for Chasers to seek out and work these portable operators

Please check out the web site for rules and information. This is a volunteer run operation.

I believe I am the first park activation for 2019 with more to follow.

I will post some details shortly about my experience.

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PackTenna 2m/6m Antenna Kit


I have been playing around with some new items from PackTenna.

I have made up some 6m, 2m and air band configurations. I am also using the centers for a portable beam concept using an Arrow Backpacker mast.

The parts allow a lot of experimentation and ability to make things your own using PackTenna building blocks.

IMG_20180930_104738 (2)

Center Insulator configured as a L Dipole mounted on PVC tubing for mast mount.

IMG_20180930_103551 (1)

Shorted Insultaor for Reflector on 2m beam prototype

IMG_20180930_103541 (1)

Planning to use the Arrow Backpacker Boom for this 2m beam

IMG_20180930_104010IMG_20180930_110524 (2)IMG_20180930_103436

2m beam up in the air on my Tripod

IMG_20180930_104637 (1)

Dipole using Nagoya elements


This is an Airband set up for monitoing Aircraft. It worked awesome and plan to use it for the next Airshow

IMG_20181016_204356IMG_20180930_103410 (1)IMG_20180930_105110

Hanging off some paracord. I think If I add a suction cup with a hook it can be a nice Hotel window antenna or someone in a…

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