Tomorrow’s CHR Coffee Gathering Cancelled

Hi Everyone:

Considering the snow we got yesterday plus their saying we’re in for another big one today let’s play it safe and we will cancel tomorrow’s coffee for this month and we will see you all on March 12.
Please spread the word.
Gord VE7FKY 

Plate pirates target ham radio operators

CBC reports thieves steal specialized amateur radio callsign licence plates right off their vehicles

There’s a different kind of pirate radio situation unfolding in Corner Brook. Continue reading

Bouvet DXpedition (3Y0Z) – Options/instructions for REFUNDS of unused DXpedition funds

Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your financial support.

The DXpedition team members are all extremely disappointed that we were not able to complete our mission. We were offshore Bouvet for three days and encountered extreme weather conditions. Continue reading