Merry Christmas From Coastal Ham Radio

On behalf of the 30 plus members of CHR we wish everyone the best of the holiday season and health, happiness and peace for 2019.

CHR Christmas Social gathering on December 11 at Tim Hortons at Nordel Center.


FT8: Santa’s Radio Club Special Event Dec 1-8

ARRL reports the annual Santa’s Radio Club Special Event from 200 km above the Arctic Circle will be on the air December 1-8 as OH9S – OH9Santa  Continue reading

This Amateur Radio Direction Finding is a lil different..

(Came across this interesting idea from VK land for Christmas and getting hams involved in the season.)

You’ll be following and listening to the fox no doubt dressed as Santa.

Yes it’s the Townsville Amateur Radio Clubs annual MONSTER XMAS LIGHTS TOUR.

Get out your Santa Hats, flashy pins and Christmas Costumes and get ready for a magical mystery tour of the light fantastic !

Australia’s famous TARC Monster Xmas Lights Tour is on again, happening Friday evening December 15th.

It’s a Drive Yourself Dazzling Spectacular and all mobile shack chariots will need to monitor 146.5MHz during the tour to hear instructions from the guide (or foxy Santa’s) vehicle.

If you do not have a 2metre transceiver in your vehicle – don’t worry as a
handheld will be lent to you.

Be sure to pack an esky with plenty of cool water and cool bananas as the tour will be happening in a dehydrating climate!

MXLT organiser Gavin VK4ZZ, with help from stage surveyors, is currently
plotting a way around the City of Townsville.

The tour should end by 10pm at a secret destination.

OF9X promotes the Christmas spirit on the radio spectrum

Santa ClausGreetings from the Land of Santa Claus, in the Far North at the Arctic Circle. The busy yuletide season is soon upon us, and Santa is preparing his sleigh for another world tour. The old man is very busy, but fortunately the elves are there to help him deliver the Christmas spirit to the world’s children. Continue reading

Santa Claus Active From The Arctic Circle

OH9SCL active from artic circle

Santa Claus Artic Circle Team (SACT) will be active from Santa Claus Land (OH9SCL) during this December.

This year activity will be very special. OH9SCL has now been active for 30 years from Artic Circle!!

This Activity will be mostly on HF-bands on all modes.

Operators include OH3BHL, OH9KL, OH9MDV, OH9MM and possible others. QSL via OH9AB. For more information check:

daily information can be found on facebook:

Our First Christmas Get Together

A pleasant Christmas get together was held earlier today at Timmie’s.  A lot of pleasant conversation and we got caught up on how various people are doing.  Although not planned the topic did get around to emergency preparedness.  With our success in Shake Out BC last month we have started an EP module to Coastal Ham Radio.  Members will receive the details shortly how to get involved in our virtual EOC.  We will have another coffee get together sometime in the New year.

(Will figure out something better then selfies next time)