Trans Canada Pow Wow Club


Wandering around the shack at midnight (05:00 UTC), worked all the dx on the cluster, nothing to do? Continue reading


Our First Christmas Get Together

A pleasant Christmas get together was held earlier today at Timmie’s.  A lot of pleasant conversation and we got caught up on how various people are doing.  Although not planned the topic did get around to emergency preparedness.  With our success in Shake Out BC last month we have started an EP module to Coastal Ham Radio.  Members will receive the details shortly how to get involved in our virtual EOC.  We will have another coffee get together sometime in the New year.

(Will figure out something better then selfies next time)


Happy Birthday To Coastal Ham Radio

It was one year ago today that I launched Coastal Ham Radio online club.  The questions that were swirling around my head that day were,  was there a need for such a club, would anybody join and most of all did I know what the hell I was doing.  Little did I realize 12 days later my wife would suffer a stroke and where did that leave Coastal Ham Radio.  Between Surrey Memorial and Laurel Place where she spent five months in care, playing around and fine tuning the Coastal Ham Radio site gave me the release I needed from our families medical issues.

I brought the club online with a soft opening, and to this very day I have left any promotion to be word of mouth and/or finding the site.  In the first year we have accomplished a few things.  Yes, hams did want to join and we do have a modest membership.  Our membership has expanded outside Metro Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We have had members become involved and contribute to the site. We sponsored repeater day back in the spring which we will repeat in 2016.  We participated in Shake Out BC a few days ago and in November we will be holding our first Christmas coffee get together.

We have had a good first year and with the membership base we have were only going to get better and more interesting.

Thank You for your support and believing in Coastal Ham Radio



Have We Made The Radio Exams To Easy!

Having coffee last week with a fellow Coastal Ham Radio member, we were discussing how quiet the repeaters are and well just a lack of ham activity in general.  I mentioned my usual pet peeve about where are all these people who pass the exam and then we never here from them again.  His reply was maybe we have gone to far in making the radio exams easy. Continue reading

RSGB announces Eclipse QSO Party to study propagation

The RSGB Contest Committee has announced an Eclipse QSO Party, in cooperation with the Propagation Studies Committee, during the partial eclipse on March 20. According to the RSGB, the event is not a contest, but some RSGB Contest Committee software and web facilities will be used to collect and display activity reports. Continue reading

RAC Winter Day Contest Only One Month Away

The very popular RAC Winter Day Contest is one month away.  Dec 27, just as the Christmas excitement is dying down is the start of the contest.  Coastal Amateur Radio Club suggests we get on board and have some fun before the excitement of New Years eve.  The link to the rules can be found on our upcoming events page.

Coastal Ham Radio Club Has Added Upcoming Events To The Site

Coastal Ham Radio Club has added a page for upcoming events.  If you wish to publicise an event such as a swap meet, radio course, contest, guest speaker etc. please email us with details at:  Coastal Ham Radio and we will inserted it on our upcoming events page.

Once we approve your listing we will add it to our page.

Coastal Ham Radio Club


Coastal Ham Radio Club is for the amateur radio enthusiast. We are a group of local British Columbia amateurs who wish to socialize, learn, share and promote the hobby. Membership is free and let’s you post comments, questions, suggestions etc. plus gives you a voice to how we shape and grow Coastal Ham Radio. Polk around the site and you will find an enrollment form in the about page.