BC Clubs: BCQP 2017 results announced

BCQP 2017 results are announced!

Everyone who submitted a log electronically in BCQP 2017 will have received this message, so I’m sorry if I am duping you in the notification process. Just don’t want to miss anyone. 🙂 Continue reading


BCQP 2017 club reminder: Feb 4 8am to 8pm BC time

BCQP 2017 is coming up in just a few weeks. Please give a gentle reminder to club members so that they can prepare if they haven’t done so already. And SRI if I’m duping you in the mailout. I’d rather dupe you than have you left out of the loop! Continue reading

BCQP 2016 Results


Sorry if I am duping you in the notification process but better to be in the loop than forgotten/ignored.

The official results and the post-event report for BCQP 2016 have been uploaded to the BCQP section of the Orca DXCC website and are now available for viewing and downloading in PDF format. The report includes my thoughts as contest coordinator, the usual number crunching and a summary of results. Continue reading

Preliminary CQ World Wide Survey Results Suggest Contesters Trending Older

The CQ World Wide Contest Committee has posted the preliminary results of its September survey of CQ WW participants. The committee received 5117 responses from contesters around the world, the greatest number — nearly 2600 — from Europe. An analysis of the results showed that most survey participants were in the older age brackets and that there were not many youth participants. Continue reading

BCQP is just around the corner

The BCQP 2016 promotion bandwagon has now rolled out.

The most important thing to know is the date and time of the 2016 event: February 6, local time, 8am to 8pm (UTC 1600z Feb 6 to 0400z Feb 7).

The date seems way off in the future but it’s really just couple months from now. Continue reading