CW Maritime Radio Event

Maritime Radio Day will take place in mid-April, with activity — all on CW — centering on International Naval Frequencies, 1,824; 3,520; 7,020; 10,118; 14,052; 21,052, and 28,052 kHz. Maritime Radio Day is held annually to commemorate nearly 100 years of CW maritime wireless service. Register online. Continue reading


93-year-old WWII veteran still taps out Morse code

We might live in a world where knowing how to write code is gold, but for 93-year-old Merle Taylor there is only one code: Morse code.

Taylor learned Morse code at 20 when she signed up to help Canada and the war effort. Her war-time job was to teach it to the pilots through the British Commonwealth Air Training plan. Continue reading

What makes a good portable CW paddle?

What makes a good portable CW paddle?

Richard G3CWI of SOTABEAMS has released a 3 minute video looking at the differences between a paddle designed for portable use and a fixed-station paddle.

The purpose of the video is to give some hints on the features to look for in a good portable CW key.

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K4M Special Event Samuel Morse in Arroyo, Puerto Rico

The team of the Radio Operadores del Sur (Radio Operators of the South-ROS) are going to activate Special Event Station K4M commemorating the 157th anniversay of the first telegraph communication by cable in Latin America. This historic event was done by Mr. Samuel F B Morse on March 1st, 1859 in the city of Arroyo, Puerto Rico.

Continue reading