Is this where amateur Radio is going?

For many years now besides myself lots of other amateurs have been asking where is the hobby going and how do we attract younger people into the fold. For me, and I’m and old timer in the hobby, the thrill of the hobby has always been “how and where am I getting out to.” For others it’s been getting to know people in different places on voice or cw, and still others have their various reasons why the hobby attracts them. Continue reading


Want to get started in the digital modes?

If your wanting to get started in digital modes and don’t have a clue to where to start N4CCP Cliff Batson will explain cables, Signalink and RIGblaster and how to connect them between the radio and the computer.  This video is really for the person who has never tried digital in the past and is interested in getting started.  Cliff does explain this in a very easy to understand video. Continue reading

Well That Was Interesting While It Lasted

Having a bit of time late this morning flipped the power switch to see what was happening.  Working JT65 with 20 and 15 meters, especially 20, were just a hopping.  The waterfall was full.  Made a couple of contacts but it was hard to pick your spot with all that was on.

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JT65-HF HB9HQX version 1.0 now available

For JT65 lovers and who use HB9HQX software, Beat has released version 1.0.  One of the new add ons in version 1.0 is the ability to upload to eqsl.  This hasn’t been present in any of the older versions.  Besides myself several other people commented that it wouldn’t key the radio.  This version seems to have a default output power set around the 10% mark.  You will need to raise the output power level to at least 50% if not more.  50% works for me. Click JT65-HF HB9HQX to download and give it a try.  Hope to see you on the waterfall.

Gord – VE7FKY

As of early January 2016 version 1.4 is now available.  It solves some issues with previous 1.x versions plus has added on automatic upload to Club Log.

Your invitation to the biggest D-STAR QSO Party


Your invitation to the biggest D-STAR QSO Party

Icom has announced preliminary details for the 2015 D-Star QSO Party, an annual contest that promotes the Amateur (Ham) radio hobby around the world through D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio.) Continue reading

World Radio Day

One of our fellow members pass the following along.
I wonder if the the following information might be of interest to the South Fraser Radio group.
Included is an interesting link to a Dutch SDR station.
I don’t know that there are any other professional radio operators other than myself in the group, but it might prove of interest to some.
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Yaesu FT2DR Fusion Radio Available In 2015

Sometime in 2015 the FT2DR C4FM/FM dual band radio will be available.  This radio is Fusion compatible.  Easy operation with large tough display.  On the digital side it has snapshot (image data transmission)  For more information google Yaesu FT2DR and you will find more info.  It appears when available this will be a nice addition to Yaesu’s line.