JT65-HF HB9HQX version 1.0 now available

For JT65 lovers and who use HB9HQX software, Beat has released version 1.0.  One of the new add ons in version 1.0 is the ability to upload to eqsl.  This hasn’t been present in any of the older versions.  Besides myself several other people commented that it wouldn’t key the radio.  This version seems to have a default output power set around the 10% mark.  You will need to raise the output power level to at least 50% if not more.  50% works for me. Click JT65-HF HB9HQX to download and give it a try.  Hope to see you on the waterfall.

Gord – VE7FKY

As of early January 2016 version 1.4 is now available.  It solves some issues with previous 1.x versions plus has added on automatic upload to Club Log.


It Seems The Process Of QSL Cards Is Getting Out Of Hand

Prior to the modern age of computers there were only two ways to confirm you made a contact, either by direct mail or the bureau.  Both are still viable options today.  Dont get me wrong I’m not against the computer age to confirm a QSO. Continue reading