The VE3HLS Grand Finale Rove! Satellite grids to be activated

Ken, VE3HLS, reports, ‘Get out your highlighter and circle June 15th, 16th and 17th on your calendars!
You don’t want to miss ‘The VE3HLS Grand Finale Rove!
This will be my final significant rove before I retire from satellite ops and get down to planning the next chapter of my life as I prepare to retire in Thailand.

I will follow the St. Lawrence Seaway down from Lake Ontario to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, activating FN14, FN15, FN24/25, FN35/36, FN46/47, FN57/58 and FN59/69 along the way down and back.

As always, the inspiration for the rove is a result of a few of you posting your grids QSLed maps to Twitter. I read them and base future roves on the gaps I see in your maps.
I’ll work out a basic schedule over the next week or two and post it on the AMSAT-BB and on Twitter.”


Announcing: The ARRL International Grid Chase!


A new and exciting operating event will kick off on January 1, 2018, at 0000 UTC (New Year’s Eve in US time zones), when the ARRL International Grid Chase gets under way. Continue reading