For The Builders Out There

Fellow Coastal Ham Radio member VE7KWK passes along a link for those of us who like to get out the soldering iron and create a new toy to play with.


Heathkit’s latest kit is on the horizon


Got an extra $575 US burning a hole in your pocket? Heathkit’s Precision RF Meter will be released soon.  Pre Orders are being taken now.  Here’s the details.

Back in my young bygone days I build several Heathkit kits and each one was an enjoyable experience.  I wish them well.


K7AGE and the BITX-40 transceiver

I’m in the process of putting together the older version to what Randy is showing in this video.  Guess I should have waited since the display would have been a welcomed addon for me.  Randy received his in 17 days I believe he said and I received mine spot on the 21 days they said it would take. Continue reading

VHF/UHF Heathkit Antenna

Having gotten interested in this hobby by building Heathkit projects back in the 70’s and 80’s I was very disappointed when they went under way back when.  A few attempts to bring Heathkit back to life over the years never seemed to amount to much.  Quite awhile ago I posted another post about another temp about resurrection of Heathkit. I kinda wondered where this was going, considering it seemed an overpriced AM radio was their prize kit offering and some parts for old ham radios was their catalog.

Just noticed that they have brought out a VHF/UHF stealth antenna.  It also comes in various colours to fit in with ones decor.  This could make an interesting projects for those who like commercial kit building.  If anybody has or builds one let us know the performance.