Could a new Entry Level Licence boost VHF/UHF activity?

Found this interesting article on Southgate ARC.  Although the story is relating mainly to the UK and parts of Europe I wonder if this could happen here?  Is it happening here already?  The other big question if it’s happening here does anybody  care?  The article points out how repeaters are under used.  Well we have seen that happen here also.  I’ve left the comment section open what do you think?
Activity on the 144 MHz and higher bands is at its lowest for decades at a time when commercial interests are prepared to pay £1 million per MHz annually for spectrum Continue reading


Throw Back Thursday

This is taken from the CARF (now known as RAC) Repeater Directory from 1990.  You will notice tones were not in use back then.


The following link will give the full Canadian Listings.

My thanks to VE3IPS for supplying the information.


Repeater Day Is Tomorrow


Hopefully your batteries are charged, your power supplies are working and you have an antenna hooked up to your VHF/UHF radio as tomorrow is repeater day from 11:00-15:00.  Let’s give the repeaters a good workout.  Check out repeater day in the top menu as it has all the info.  Hope to talk to you tomorrow on a repeater.

Gord – VE7FKY

May 7, 2nd Annual Repeater Day


Many repeaters over the last several years have increasingly gone very quite.   In an attempt to make these repeaters more active CHR is sponsoring it’s 2nd annual Repeater Day.  This is a real simple event.  We’re asking all amateurs on Saturday, May 7 between 11:00 & 15:00 to have a QSO(s) on a repeater(s) of your choice.  You can schedule the time if you wish or throw out some monitoring calls and see if you can raise a fellow ham or who knows maybe make a new friend.  It doesn’t get any more simpler then that.

If you wish you can leave a message below to what repeater and time you will be monitoring.  Repeaters South Of The Fraser are listed on our website.  Metro Vancouver can be found here.  By all means you can make a contact on one of the digital modes, d-star, mototubo, fusion, IRLP, echolink etc.  In other words as one of our members always says “Get On The Air And Make Some Noise.”

Repeaters Outside The Metro Area:

Vancouver Island

BC North

BC South

Any Questions feel free to leave a comment below.

VA7RSI is up and running.

Hi Everyone;

VA7RSI is up and running—We seemed to have resolved the audio issue and the duplexer is as good as we can tune it with Al’s TinyVNA. I think at some point I’ll have to contact one of two Hams that have more accurate test gear to make sure we’re getting optimum isolation with minimal signal loss at our two frequencies, but for now I think it’s working. The location is not ideal—my place—but after I am convinced all the settings are good and it’s reliable we’ll move it to another home—which has yet to be determined. I will move the antenna higher when I can too.
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