New product for antenna testing



SOTABEAMS has released details of latest addition to their antenna testing system, the WSPRlite Flexi, today.

Building on the success of the WSPRlite Classic, the Flexi increases coverage from 6 metres through to 630 metres.


The Flexi also incorporates a number of new facilities including a unique interference avoidance algorithm to help it avoid interference from other WSPR users. When combined with the website, WSPRlite provides a unique way to look at antenna performance and to see how propagation varies in real-time.

Details at:

(As seen on Southgate ARC)


Testing HF antennas

Testing HF antennas is a tricky thing to do. Simple on-air test are seldom conclusive and are more often than not, they are just plain confusing. SOTABEAMS has come up with a completely new way to test antennas, locations and to monitor propagation using the WSPR system. Continue reading