Could a new Entry Level Licence boost VHF/UHF activity?

Found this interesting article on Southgate ARC.  Although the story is relating mainly to the UK and parts of Europe I wonder if this could happen here?  Is it happening here already?  The other big question if it’s happening here does anybody  care?  The article points out how repeaters are under used.  Well we have seen that happen here also.  I’ve left the comment section open what do you think?
Activity on the 144 MHz and higher bands is at its lowest for decades at a time when commercial interests are prepared to pay £1 million per MHz annually for spectrum Continue reading



The VHF/UHF DX Book was written in the early to mid-1990s by a team of experienced VHF/UHF DXers and equipment developers, in an effort to pass on our knowledge and stimulate further developments. Continue reading

Is It Just Me Or Is There A Swing Away From VHF/UHF Back To HF

In the last month I have talked to three or four hams who have said they are back on HF and not paying much attention to VHF/UHF anymore.  For me I started swinging back to HF over a year ago.  I thought it was just me but now I’m hearing other amateurs saying the same thing.  In my case I have just found the PSK and JT65 modes a lot more fun to play with.  I have nothing against the VHF/UHF bands and I still use it to keep in touch with a few hams but I’m not constantly monitoring the repeaters like ten years ago.  Is it possible as Bob Dylan said “The Times They Are A-Changin”