All The Way Back To The Roots

Fellow Member John VE7AOV Files The Following Story

“Aircraft flutter” may soon be harnessed to a practical purpose. The B.B.C. reports that investigations are being made in the U.K. of employing commercial television and other broadcasting services to track aircraft. A reticulation of receivers, feeding information to a central facility, would furnish data for a computationally intense determination of aircraft location based on that receiver data.

As many readers will understand, Watson-Watt pioneered lighting tracking and, based on that work, went on to demonstrate that, theoretically, the emissions of a short wave transmitter could be used to detect the passage of an aircraft. A technically modest but now world famous field demonstration at Daventry followed. That work led on to the Chain Home radar system and its derivatives.

Read the B.B.C. item at:

John Nightingale
at radio station VE7AOV


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