Coastal Ham Radio Club

Coastal Ham Radio Club is for the amateur radio enthusiast. We are a group of local British Columbia amateurs who wish to socialize, learn, share and promote the hobby. Membership is free and let’s you post comments, questions, suggestions etc. plus gives you a voice to how we shape and grow Coastal Ham Radio. Polk around the site and you will find an enrollment form in the about page.

Battleship Iowa Special Event to Commemorate Pearl Harbor Attack

Members of the Battleship Iowa Amateur Radio Association (BIARA) will mark the 75th anniversary of the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Wednesday, December 7, 1600-2359 UTC, operating shipboard from the Iowa as NI6BB. Continue reading

A comprehensive review of the Elecraft KX2 QRP transceiver

In August, I took the plunge and ordered an Elecraft KX2.
Perhaps it was a leap of faith…or a momentary lapse of judgement that led me down temptation lane at Elecraft’s Hamvention booth. At any rate, I had been doing enough NPOTA activations that I fell for the idea that I could potentially have the advantages and performance of the (slightly larger) KX3 in an even smaller, even more portable, package. Continue reading

RAC Announcement

RAC has made the following announcement:

Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP, was appointed as the new Director for the British Columbia/Yukon Region

Congratulations Al, a fellow CHR member. Continue reading

Correction to Newsletter

Sorry for any inconvenience but the correct date of our Christmas Coffee Gathering is December 13, 10AM At Timmie’s in Nordel Crossing.  Non members are welcome.


OF9X promotes the Christmas spirit on the radio spectrum

Santa ClausGreetings from the Land of Santa Claus, in the Far North at the Arctic Circle. The busy yuletide season is soon upon us, and Santa is preparing his sleigh for another world tour. The old man is very busy, but fortunately the elves are there to help him deliver the Christmas spirit to the world’s children. Continue reading

New 2 Meter SSB Net

Fellow CHR member VE7OR advises of a new net starting.

Notice to meeting up every Thursday at 7 p.m. p.s.t on 144.225 s.s.b upperside. Continue reading

Is Kit Building For You?

Came across this interesting video on kit building by Dave Casler (KE0OG).  It’s roughly a 12 minute video and he describes the pros and cons of building ones own equipment.

Continue reading

Black Friday/Cyber Monday at Fleetwood Digital Products

Fellow CHR member, Bill (VE7IKX) would like to let everyone know he’s running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at Fleetwood Digital.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday




A big hole in the sun’s atmosphere

At the end of October, a hole in the sun’s atmosphere lashed Earth’s magnetic field with solar wind, sparking moderately-strong geomagnetic storms and almost a full week of Arctic auroras. Continue reading

Sunspot Cycle Plunges

The sun has looked remarkably blank lately, with few dark cores interrupting the featureless solar disk. This is a sign that Solar Minimum is coming. Continue reading