Coastal Ham Radio Club


Coastal Ham Radio Club is for the amateur radio enthusiast. We are a group of local British Columbia amateurs who wish to socialize, learn, share and promote the hobby. Membership is free and let’s you post comments, questions, suggestions etc. plus gives you a voice to how we shape and grow Coastal Ham Radio. Polk around the site and you will find an enrollment form in the about page.


CEPT Permits for Canadian Hams Operating Abroad


CEPT Permits

Temporarily Operating Canadian Amateur Stations in Other Countries

Pending updates, Radio Amateurs of Canada continues, under delegated authority from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada), to issue CEPT and IARP permits to Canadian Amateurs wishing to operate while traveling abroad. Please refer to Section 8 of Radiocommunication Information Circular (RIC-3) for details on which permit, if any, applies or is required.

Section 8 of Radiocommunication Information Circular-RIC-3

For travel to countries other than the USA and its territories and which are not signatories to either the CEPT or IARP recommendations, Canadian Amateurs should contact the administration of the foreign country directly for authorization. Information and application can often be carried out by email or web form.

Temporarily Operating Amateur Stations in Canada

Foreign Amateurs who are licensed by other administrations participating in the CEPT or IARP program must apply for the appropriate permit in accordance…

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2020 Latest News on the Icom 705 Preview Event – Be Active with SOTA, POTA and HOTA

The Latest from VE3IPS


The “Be Active” ham radio portable machine “IC-705” that covers the HF to 450MHz band in all modes including DV (D-STAR digital voice) exhibited by Icom at this year’s “Ham Fair 2019”. Recent news is that retail price was 124,800 yen ($1150 USD) and the scheduled launch date was announced for March 16, 2020. Icom expects to sell 10,000 units world wide on initial release. It is expected to sell for 100,000 yen ($925 USD) discounted by the Akihabara Ham shops. Icom held a pre-viewing event for IC-705 in Nihonbashi, Osaka on Saturday, December 21 and in Akihabara, Tokyo on Sunday, December 22, 2019

This is what we learned from the two events:

The standard accessories of the IC-705 do not include the VHF/UHF whip antenna, antenna conversion connector, and battery charging AC adapter. In addition, the announcement revealed that a tripod screw hole is provided on the bottom of…

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Xiegu G90 Power Draw on Transmit Test


I love the G90 for its fast built in antenna tuner and 20W power output. With the lack of sunspots the availability to have some extra power is handy. Its either a 1 or 2 S unit increase depending on the receiving ends radio

Xiegu claims 8A draw which seemed a bit high compared to other radios so I benched the radio after doing the Power Pole mod to measure what reality is

I found the following @13.8 Volts using a number 12 gauge power cable to my PSU with CW

Power Output       Current Amps

5W                        2.9

10W                     3.5

15W                     4.0

20W                    4.5

I use the Bioenno batteries which has…

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What makes a contest radio?


We had a chat at ham club and usually it turns to radios and equipment.

I made a comment that the radio that was being discussed is that it was a garbage radio unfit for ham use let alone CB radio and the other fellow said “I have one too and it works great for me”

“Yeah but you guys are not active on HF or even contests” I replied

“NO I am busy and I hate contests. I get on for an hour or so every once and a while and look for a rag chew. I dont understand contests”

“You have the perfect radio then and it more than meets your needs, that great” I replied

But then the other ham says he thinks his radios broken because when he does contests its hard for him to understand anything and I replied “yeah your radio is not suitable…

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Icom 705 Survey results – The Tribe has Spoken as well as haters and trolls and Tuner Fans


Its interesting how the ham radio community has become polarized and angry the past ten years and they state this through swearing, harassment, bullying and just plain anger. I have edited these ham radio buffoons off the survey because they do not merit a podium to express such distasteful views.

I did this as a lark to see what the general consensus was about this exciting new product release from Icom. Sure its for the Japanese domestic market, Sure its designed to fit in the back pack, Sure the tuner is absent (on purpose to sell more AH-4s) and Sure its for field operators first. I am so excited about the D-Star capability and the addition of the VHF and UHF bands in a design that appears to be a repackaged Icom 7300 (drop the PA, modify the 7100 board, steal something from the 7200 and ID-51a and you have…

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