Coastal Ham Radio Club


Coastal Ham Radio Club is for the amateur radio enthusiast. We are a group of local British Columbia amateurs who wish to socialize, learn, share and promote the hobby. Membership is free and let’s you post comments, questions, suggestions etc. plus gives you a voice to how we shape and grow Coastal Ham Radio. Polk around the site and you will find an enrollment form in the about page.


British Columbia Province Wide DMR Net

It is time that we started a BC Province-wide DMR net. We will start this on Friday at 8:00pm on BC1, which is talkgroup 3027 for many repeaters connected to BC-TRBO or talkgroup 30271 if using a repeater or hotspot connected to Brandmeister. Before starting the net, please make sure you are on the correct talk group and not simply monitoring all talkgroups on the repeater. Continue reading

432 Mhz Success – Breaking the 100 mile barrier


I have been active in 432 Mhz using 10 watts and an a Arrow 5 solid element Yagi and the Satellite antenna with 7 elements

My first contact was just over 50 miles into the Welland Canal and the other day broke the 100 mile barrier with a contact into Ontario, NY near Rochester

Larry gave me a 55 without his preamp  and then he offered a 59 with the preamp ON. He was running 600 watts and was 59+

So many hams have capability for 2m SSB and 432 SSB so why not give it a try and jump on these contests as a change to HF

This set up uses the 5 element Arrow Yagi and the Yaesu FT-857D running 10 watts off a Bioenno battery

Upcoming Contests which will be using the Icom 705 Portable @ 10 watts

fall 6m Sprint Saturday, 22 August (2300 UTC) –…

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New Web Hosting Service for RAC Affiliated Clubs

For immediate release:

The Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce it is now offering a new benefit to our Affiliated Clubs: the ability to host your club’s website on the RAC server.

And depending on how you choose to set up your domain, in some cases there will be no cost for this new service! Continue reading

LDG Z-817 Review and there is a BIG SECRET Reveal


This is a purpose built tuner for the Yaesu FT-817/817ND and 818 QRP radio

It can handle 20 watts and uses latching relays to conserve its built in (4 AA) battery power

It can remember 2000 memory points to quicken tuning withing 2 seconds

Coverage is 1.8 to 54 Mhz and it is continuous so no issues using it on 60m or even the maritime bands

The range is excellent covering from 6 to 600 ohms. The tuner on the Icom 7300 is 16 to 150 ohms so you can load up a couple of shopping carts or my “Crutches” antenna

The tuner interfaces with the FT-81x with a foot long CAT cable making integration fast and simple.

Just push the button and GO

The BIG SECRET is that this tuner can be used with other QRP radios by just transmitting a carrier and pressing the TUNE button. Of course…

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Registration now available for RAC Advanced Course: Summer 2020

Registration now available for RAC Advanced Course: Summer 2020

For immediate release:

In response to the global pandemic, Radio Amateurs of Canada is once again offering an online Advanced Qualification Amateur Radio Course so that individuals can upgrade their qualifications while continuing to practise social/physical distancing.

With your Advanced Certificate, you can run higher power, operate a remotely-controlled station, obtain operating privileges when travelling overseas, set up repeaters, be the trustee for club stations and even become an Accredited Examiner (AE). Continue reading

Unboxing the Icom 705 – English Translation


ICOM’s “IC-705” is a portable device that covers the HF to 430MHz band in all modes. As previously reported , Wakayama Icom Arita Factory made its first shipment to the whole country on the afternoon of June 19th (Friday), and it seems that it arrived at the wireless shop in the early morning of Saturday, June 20th in the early areas . Since the staff also received it at the local shop, I will post the usual “opening report”.

IC-705 received at a local wireless shop the first morning on June 20. The size of the box is as small as 270 W × 225 H × 175 Dmm

 The main body size of IC-705 (excluding protrusions) is 200W x 83.5H x 82Dmm, and the main body weight (including attached battery) is about 1.1kg. Perhaps because of that, the box of IC-705 handed over at the wireless shop was surprisingly small (measured…

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