Coastal Ham Radio Club

Coastal Ham Radio Club is for the amateur radio enthusiast. We are a group of local British Columbia amateurs who wish to socialize, learn, share and promote the hobby. Membership is free and let’s you post comments, questions, suggestions etc. plus gives you a voice to how we shape and grow Coastal Ham Radio. Polk around the site and you will find an enrollment form in the about page.

Chance Of Magnetic Storms This Week

A large coronal hole is turning toward Earth, and it is spewing a stream of high-speed solar wind into space.

NOAA forecasters expect the stream to reach our planet on Oct. 25-26 with a 35% chance of geomagnetic storms when it arrives.

Storm levels could reach category G2, which means the glow of auroras might be visible not only around the Arctic Circle but also in northern-tier US states such as Minnesota and Michigan.

Visit for more information

Feel Like A Little 40 Meter Project

Check out VU2ESE 40 meter 7 watt SSB transceiver. $45US and that includes shipping.  The board is fully assembled you just have to mount into case with power, antenna connections knobs etc.   Continue reading

Electronics Notes website launched


The Electronics Notes website has been launched. The new site has been born out of the old Electronics+Radio website and contains a wealth of information about electronics including amateur radio, antennas and propagation, radio technology, and everything you want to know about electronics and radio technology. Continue reading

CHR ShakeOut BC Results


Hi Everyone:

I would like to thank all who took part in the exercise today. I was a little surprised on the coverage area where the checkins were coming from. Continue reading

Simple Weekend 2 Meter Antenna Project


Now that ShakeOut BC is over for another year you might be questioning your rubber duckie antenna and it’s performance.  Here’s a real simple weekend project for a two meter antenna by Randy K7AGE. Continue reading

Shakeout BC tomorrow at 10:20 am

Shake out BC is tomorrow at 10:20.  Between 10:30 and 10:45 please monitor 146.520 for any checkins from not only CHR members but any amateur who wishes to check in.  If your not available to checkin during that time frame please checkin via one of the other methods sent out in the last newsletter.

‘Massive Auroras’ sighted around the Arctic Circle

G1-class geomagnetic storms are underway around the Arctic Circle on Oct. 16th as Earth enters a stream of very fast moving solar wind.

Veteran observers in Sweden are reporting one of the best displays in recent memory as “massive auroras” dance across the sky.

Visit for updates about the ongoing light show.

Saturday Storm

Just a thought. With the storm that is heading our way tonight if your available tune a radio to 146.52 frequency and listen for any members who may need assistance.

Assuming I don’t loose power my antenna covers most of Metro Vancouver and some of the islands. If I loose power I will have my HT’s on but my footprint will be considerable smaller.

And isn’t this what amateur radio is all about, helping others in time of need.

Gord – VE7FKY

Vintage Radio Weekend – 15th & 16th October

A Vintage Radio Weekend On The Air will take place on 15th and 16th October. Everyone who has a vintage radio is invited to get on the air over the weekend, on any band and at any time.

If conditions permit, there will be participants in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany as well as some in the USA.

All participants can download a free high resolution commemorative certificate from where additional information is available.

(Editors note:  This sounds like a neat idea.  Hopefully someone from around our area can get involved.)

Pacific Seafarer’s Net assists in rescue of sailors on sinking sailboat


On September 28, 2016 at approximately 0300 UTC, Charles Houlihan, KD6SPJ, a net relay station for the Pacific Seafarer’s net while monitoring 14.300, received a call for assistance from the captain of the Sailing Vessel (SV) Rafiki. Continue reading